Stability, fairness, environmental sustainability and competitiveness


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The Commission proposed last week country-specific recommendations (CSRs) providing economic policy guidance to all EU Member States in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, focused on the most urgent challenges brought about by the pandemic and on relaunching sustainable growth.

The recommendations are structured around two objectives: in the short-term, mitigating the coronavirus pandemic's severe negative socio-economic consequences; and in the short to medium-term, achieving sustainable and inclusive growth which facilitates the green transition and the digital transformation.

The recommendations cover the four dimensions of competitive sustainability - stability, fairness, environmental sustainability and competitiveness - and also place a specific emphasis on health. The recommendations also reflect the Commission's commitment to integrating the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals into the European Semester as they offer an integrated framework encompassing public health, social, environmental and economic concerns.

Extract from the umbrella Communication:
Recovery investment creates the opportunity to reshape the EU economy and set it firmly on a sustainable footing. This year's Country-Specific Recommendations identify areas where sustainable investments can be front-loaded from the Member States’ perspective. Authorities are recommended to identify ready-to-invest projects and funding sources to enable the climate neutrality and resource efficiency of industry, buildings and transport, and to launch the preparation of future investment projects to further the environmental sustainability agenda. In the wide range of energy, climate and environmental policies and measures, some stand out as candidates for rapid implementation. This includes investment in small-scale projects, such as the decarbonisation of transport and energy efficiency, including through building renovations, which can contribute to the recovery and put economies on a sustainable long-term path. (…) Investment in ‘high social impact’ infrastructure could include renovation in social housing and dwellings of low-income households.

The umbrella Communication + a factsheet are attached for information.

Pierre Obajtek has looked for some keywords in the 28 country-specific recommendations. produced the following interesting extracts.

On this occasion, there is very little about the regulation of professions. However, building renovation / energy efficiency in buildings is mentioned quite frequently as a way to kill two birds with one stone: meet climate objectives and sustain recovery of the economy.

Best wishes

Ian Pritchard,

ACE Secretary General

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