Rio de Janeiro, the first UNESCO-UIA World Capital of Architecture 2020


The International Union of Architects (UIA) announced on the 28th June the winner and runners up of the UNESCO-UIA World Capital of Architecture Logo Competition. The winning design will be used globally for the promotion of the triennial World Capital of Architecture programme.

We would like to extend our thanks to our prestigious international jury of graphic designers, Lulu Li (China), Eddie Opara (UK) and Elaine Ramos (Brazil), as well as to all 588 people who participated in the competition.

First place
Pedro Contreras Olivo

Pedro Contreras Olivo is a graphic designer from Venezuela. Chosen for its simplicity, the clarity of its message, and its aesthetic coherence with the UNESCO and UIA logos, this logo aims to encapsulate the success, energy and vitality of a city nominated World Capital of Architecture (WCA). The designer feels that a city named WCA must have a defined architectural style, conditioned by its citizens, its cultural memory and its adaptation to the environment in which it has developed. He believes that the World Capital of Architecture must be dedicated to promoting appropriate spaces for social coexistence and for facing the challenges of the future. "For me, the World Capital of Architecture is a city on a journey through innovation and planning, but also through its cultural values and historical heritage".

Second place
Victor Barros P. Silva & Maria Gabriella Paes Agostini

Second place was awarded to Victor Barros P. Silva and Maria Gabriella Paes Agostini, from Brazil. Victor is a graphic designer and founder of VTR ARTE+DESIGN and Maria Gabriella is an architect. Their logo, its circular forms symbolising unity, was praised for its boldness, clarity and adaptability.

Honourable mention

Mauricio Schavinski & Tainara Comiotto

An honourable mention was awarded to Mauricio Schavinski & Tainara Comiotto, also from Brazil. Their design represents the ever changing world, seeking to adapt to the forces acting on it. It was chosen for its creativity and overall artistic merit.

About the UNESCO-UIA World Capital of Architecture

The World Capital of Architecture is a new initiative jointly launched by UNESCO and the UIA, for cities hosting the UIA World Congress of Architects. The city designated as World Capital of Architecture will become a global forum for discussing the pressing challenges facing our world, through the prisms of culture, heritage, urban planning and architecture. UNESCO, the UIA and local institutions will organise activities and events to promote projects that will involve not only architects and urban planners, but professionals from all other related sectors, including artists, writers, policy makers, and social institutions. The overriding objective of the World Capital of Architecture initiative is for designated cities to style themselves as open and creative spaces to discuss, exchange and seek solutions to the urban dilemma. The winning logo design will be used internationally for the promotion and branding of this project.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you again to everyone who took part.


(Source: UIA)

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