Modular & Prefabrication Construction Summit


The ever-increasing demand on construction industry for its productivity is immensely engaging. This is proven with the growing market size of prefabrication and modular construction as this has been recorded by United States Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (UNESCAP), it was valued at USD 1.76 trillion in 2015.

This amounted for 38% increase compared with 2014. The rise in FDI inflows was more prominent in developed economies, which received USD 962 billion in 2015. This induces the demand for prefabricated buildings market in the region. The upsurge of prefabricated and modular buildings justifying the need for higher productivity and the soaring demand of better building life-span and quality. Prefabrication clearly offers a huge benefit and impact to construction industry. According to Michael Jackson, the Project Manager at Philadelphia D&M Inc., “Off-site fabrication allows for the most important lean principle of minimising and eliminating waste to be properly implemented on a construction project.” Clearly, construction industry has to be obstructed with changes. Concerning on the indirect cost-effective projects should be the main priority.

Set your schedule to sit with us at 8th Annual Modular & Prefabrication Construction

An engaging conference which will provide newest trends on construction and better alternatives for property developers and building materials manufacturer to further develop.

• Obtaining insightful ideas and alternatives to attract more industrial investors on prefabricated constructions
•  Acquiring the knowledge on making prefabrication and modular construction as a cost-effective project
• Setting forth the mindset of going towards higher productivity and moving forward to construction developments
•  Learning the benefits of gaining indirect profits and revenue from modular and prefabrication projects
•   Discussing the significance of modular components and prefabrication structure in replacing human workers

Please find below PDF brochure for more content details and our contact information should you have any further inquiries.

Only limited seats are allocated for this Summit. Group registration package available with terms and conditions applied.

To register for this international conference, kindly fill in the registration form and fax or email it back to us.


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