Conduction of courses for investment projects management and application of FIDIC contracts in the Bulgarian legislation.


1. The need for Continuing Professional Development in the investment projects management.

Bulgaria differs from the other European countries in implementing practices for good investment projects management. There are many reasons for this but the most important are the facts that the bulgarian laws have not addopted european practices and that this matter is not being taught in the educational institutions.

The Union of Architects in Bulgaria undertakes the obligation to address these issuess and increase the level of knowledge for professionals in the sector by conducting courses for post-graduate qualification in investment projects management and application of FIDIC contracts in terms of Bulgarian legislation.

2. Training process.

The attempts for using teachers from other countries were not very successful, because it turned out that they were not well informed about the Bulgarian practice and the peculiarities of the Bulgarian legislation.

There are specialists in UAB who know the matter very well. They work as academics in universities and they have worked as consultants and managers of investment projects in Bulgaria and abroad and have participated in projects under the contractual terms of FIDIC.

UAB has a well equipped halls for courses and prepares the materials for the training.

The courses are for architects, engineers, lawyers and economists. Furthermore, they can be carried out for individual companies supervisory companies and construction companies, municipalities and municipal companies, ministries and organizations related to the implementation of investment projects.

3. Training modules.

The content of the materials intended for the training is divided into modules. Each module covers a separate completely finished theme. The training may cover only one module or a combination of modules as requested by the students.

The modules are:

• Investment project management

• Contract for Construction

• Contract for design and construction

• Contract "turnkey project"

• Contract "Client - Consultant"

• Terms in construction contracts

• Claims about construction contracts

• Commissions for disputes in all contracts

The training in one module is at least eight hours.

The participants are evaluated with tests.

The quality of teaching is reported through questionnaires filled out by each participant.

ACE CPD Program

CPD Systems guidelines

Availability of information about the system and CPD material.

System operated or recognised by an ACE Member Organisation.

Quality based assessment and regular review of CPD material in conformity with these general guidelines.

Specific professional skills to be achieved, aimed at professional profiles.

Organised by structured knowledge areas and defined by different training types, including relevant self-directed learning.

Method of financing that makes the CPD material affordable.

 It will be acceptable that a CPD System has part of its contents dedicated to education and/or information for non-professionals, citizens and/or students.

CPD material guidelines

Contents and objectives meet the needs of architects and other related professionals in terms of Continuous Development.

Training objectives are best suited to the development of professional practice or a public service by architects and professionals.

Material is generic and non-marketing oriented.

Material content is adequate and clearly defined for professional context in which it is delivered.

Material is accurate and current and available to a majority of professionals.

Resources are adequate to support the learning objectives.

Learning method and scope are adequate to meet the intended outcome.

Different editions of the same material have consistent learning outcomes.

Assessment of participants learning should be provided.

Quality assessment methods are in place or planned.

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