After several years of collection, study and analysis of the archaeological remains in the Roman Villa of Rabaal (RVR) and taking into consideration the high cultural and patrimonial interest of the site in relation to the period of Roman occupation in the Iberian Peninsula, the Municipality of Penela realised that it would be necessary to develop an Archaeological Complex to support the conservation/ preservation, visit, interpretation and exhibition of this heritage.

The establishment of the Roman Villa of Raba?al dates from the second half of the 4th century and was defined by the wide availability of water, sustained by the presence of water wells and springs, and built in three separate modules, comprising the pars urbana, the balneum and the pars rustica.

It is possible to visit the Archaeological site of the Roman Villa of Raba?al since 2001. Despite this great advancement, there have always been great difficulties regarding the conservation and protection of some of its remains. There are true archaeological treasures that are temporarily protected under sand or metal sheets. This situation makes it is urgent to create a protection/ cover for these Roman structures, with special focus on the pars urbana, allowing not only its conservation and protection but also its appreciation.

It is within this context that the Municipality of Penela, assisted by the Board of Directors of the Northern Regional Council (NRC) of the Order of Architects, outlined a strategy for the development of two public tenders for the creation of an Archaeological Complex for the Roman Villa of Raba?al. The two tenders complement each other and will be launched in a sequential manner, with the objective of acquiring a requalification project for the Roman Villa of Raba?al.

In a first phase, the present International Public Contest, not followed by direct adjustment, is launched to ensure the selection of quality works at the base program level. With this procedure, the Municipality can guarantee that the teams selected will be specially qualified to study these subjects and work out possible solutions for a space with such complex characteristics and of so relevant historical value.

There will be a public exhibition of the works from this first contest. This exhibition will be the motto for a series of initiatives aimed at involving all the natural participants in this process, namely the local population, the technicians from the various disciplines, the public and private institutions with local, regional and even national expression, in a reflection and discussion about the future of the Roman Villa of Raba?al. All these moments will allow the Municipality of Penela to collect, ponder, draw conclusions and reconcile the best technical and political solutions that will form the basis for the definition of the Preliminary Program for the Second International Public Contest, followed by direct adjustment, for the acquisition of services for the execution project of the Archaeological Complex of the Roman Villa of Raba?al.

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